Geonoma paradoxa

Geonoma paradoxa


Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 11: 1040 (1934)

Lehmann 8957 – Colombia

Understorey palm. Stem solitary, short and subterranean. Leaf blade 40-80 cm long, with 3-10 unequal, more or less straight pinnae on each side; petiole more or less of the same length as the blade. Inflorescence unbranched; peduncle 20-60 cm long; spike 5-15(-20) cm long, carrot coloured in fruit. Flower pits small and densely arranged. Male flowers with filaments free nearly to the base, and with long, free thecae on a short reflexed connective not conspicuously jointed to the filament. Female flowers with staminodes free nearly to the base, speading at anthesis in a star-like fashion. Fruits 5-8 mm long, green, maturing black.

Apparently disjunct between SW Colombia and the E Andean slopes in Ecuador.

Related to Geonoma macrostachys, but distinct from that species in its premontane habitat and male flowers with reflexed, diverging anthers borne on a short, non-jointed connective. Geonoma paradoxa was described from SW Colombia, but Ecuadorian plants of similar morphology were referred to this species by Skov (1989). They may, however, epresent a distinct, undescribed taxon.