H. Balslev 62063

Solitary. Acaulescent. Leaves 7, erect. Sheath and petiole not distinct, 15-25 cm together, rounded below, flat above, with sharp margins, brown at base, green below the blade. Blade entire, base gradually tapering to the petiole, apex bifid, blade 45-80 x 12 x15 cm. Rachis 32-55 cm, rounded below, ridged above, green and smooth in old leaves, veins brown tomentose in young leaves. Infructescence interfoliar, erect, green when immature, becoming orange at maturity, peduncle 35-45 cm long, dorsiventrally flattened with rounded margins, brown tomentose when young. Prophyll 5-10 cm long, sheathing the peduncle, light brown fibrous, peduncular bract inserted 1 cm from base of peduncle, 20-25 cm long, brown fibrous sheathing the peduncle. Rachis unbranched, 13-15 cm long, 7-8 mm thick, apiculate. Immature fruits green, subglobose ca. 7 x 6 mm. Siona: Da-du. Used for thatch and to cover freshly hunted meat. Fruits eaten by Trompeter bird( = Sophia crepitans, “tŽ te” in Siona.).