H. Balslev 62066

Stem solitary, 56 cm tall, 3 cm diam., light brown with very short internodes, irregularly ringed. Leaves 9, erect at base, spreading at blades. Sheath and petiole not distinct, 54 cm long together, open to the base in outer leaves, rounded below, flat above on lower half, petiole terete below the blade, brown tomentose in young leaves, green and smooth in old leaves. Rachis 85 cm long, rounded below, ridged above. Pinnae 17 per side, more or less equally wide, with 1 – 3 primary veins each, all in one plane except the basal ones that stand up towards the adaxial side, basal pinna 30 x 1. 5 cm, middle pinna 35 x 3 cm, apical pinna 22 x 4.5 cm, all slightly sigmoid, long acuminate. Inflorescence interfoliar, erect at fruiting. Peduncle 49 cm long, terete and slightly dorsoventrally flattened. Prophyll and peduncular bract light brown, fibrous, sheathing the peduncle, prophyll 29 cm long, peduncular bract equal, the two somewhat fused when wilting. Rachis simple spikelike, orange at fruiting 21 cm long, 1 cm thick. Immature fruits green, becoming black, ovoid, bluntly pointed at apex, 1 cm long, 6 mm diam. Siona: DiĀ« di. Uses: None, occasionally for thatching houses. Fruits eaten by tuntu (Trompeter birds, Sophia crepitans).