A. Barfod 60023

Cespitose with seven stems, 8-10 m tall, dbh 10-15 cm. Stem green, armed, numerous spines (1-5 cm long) between leaf-scars. Distance between leaf-scars 20 cm. A sword is present. Leaves 10-15, 3 x 0.6 m. Old leaves persistent, 0.5-1 m below the green ones. Pinnae 2 x 120, recurved, yellowish tinged, green on both sides, nervation light green. Inflorescence infrafoliar, prophyll not seen. First bract 45 x 15 cm, spathulate and spiny. Peduncle green and ferrugineous pubescent, 15-20 cm. Rachis green, 30 cm long. Spicate 1. order rachillae to 15 cm. Fruit bright red at maturity. V.n.: Chontillo (spanish). Use: Fruits are edible, boiled. Each infructescence is worth 2o sucres on the local market. Duplicates: AAU, QCA, QCNE.