A. Barfod 60024

Solitary tree, 12-14 m tall, dbh. 50 cm. Stem smooth, grey. On younger specimens the old leaves are persistent all the way down to the ground. Distance between leaf-scars to 20 cm. Leaves ca. 25, 9 x 2 m. Leaf-sheath with numerous fibres forming a dense network. Pinnae 2 x 160, reduplicate in one plane, glossy dark green dorsally, dusty green ventrally, midnerve yellow dorsally. Inflorescence interfoliar. One bract seen, spatulate, smooth, 2.5 x 0.25 m. Peduncle 1.2 m, ferruginously felted, green. Rachis 1 m long. 1st order rachillae, spicate, 15-20 cm long, densely inserted on rachis. Fruits basally on branches, 3.5-2.5 cm, green with blackish felt. Use: Oil extracted from fruits, according to local farmer.