B. Bergmann 62122

Caespitose palm with 41 stems, to 3.6 m tall. Young stems with leaves to the ground. Stem 1.7 m long, diam 1.6-1.8 cm; internodes 14, 7-13 cm longest at the base of the stem, the apical 4 cm of each internode heavily armed with hlack spines, to 5 cm long, pointing in various directions. Leaves 12 + one juvenile; leafsheath 40 cm long, base encircling the stem, outside dark green with brown pubescence and heavily armed with black to 4 cm long spines, inside creamy-white to brown, glabrous; petiole 44 cm long, green, basal part with black spines to 2.5 cm long; rachis 108 cm, green, lower side with brown pubescence; pinnae 16-17 per side, irregularly distributed. Infructescence interfoliar; prophyll persistent, bicarinate, 23 cm long, largest diam 1.8 cm, brown, paper like; peduncular bract inserted 4.4 cm ahove the prophyll, 35 cm long, encircling the peduncle for 9 cm, largest circumference 8 cm, brown, leather like, the apical part furrowed and heavily armed with thin, brown, spines, to 1.5 cm long, pointing straight outward and upward; peduncle 25 cm long, ovate, 0.6 x 0.4 cm in cross- section mesured below the lowel rachilla, green, covered with brown pubescens; rachis 2 cm long, partly covered with brown pubescens; rachillae 6, to 17 cm long: Fruits 4, inserted on 4 different rachillae, 2-2.5 cm ahove the base fl the rachillae, the apical 14-15 cm of the rachillae with scars from male flowers. Fruits immature, oblique-ellipsoid with a somewhat pointed apex, yellow-green, glabrous, 3. l cm x 2 cm. According to Maximiliano Cox, Nueva Rocafuel-te, the fruits are eaten when they are still young and the endosperm is liquid. NV Chontilla del Selva. With alcohol-conserved material.