B. Bergmann 62129

Caespitose understory palm with 6 stems. Stem brown to olive-green, 2.5 m tall with 28 internodes, diameter at base 4 cm and below crownshaft 1.9 cm; adventitous roots at the base forming a 35 cm tall cone. With 9 leaves; leaf sheath yellow-green to dark-green and with brown scales, 30 cm long, encircling the stem for 20 cm forming a crownshaft; petiole 30 cm; rachis 94 cm; pinnae regularly distributed numbering 2 X 19, basal pinnae measures 38 X 7 cm, middle 47 X 3 cm, apical 37 X 9.5 cm. With two inflorescence buds, one inserted in the node just below the crownshaft, the other still supported by the lowermost leaf, prophyl inserted 1.2 cm above the base, bicarinat, 12 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, yellow green with reddish margins; peduncular bract inserted 1.3 cm above the prophyl, 26 cm long and completely enclosing the inflorescence; peduncle 4 cm; rachis 4.5 cm; no. of rachillae: 25, rachillae measuring about 19 cm; flowers in triads, regularly distributed. Vernacular name: Huasai (Quichua). leaves are used for thatch, and are considered to be better then those of Conambo. (Scheelea sp.) Informant : Joaquin Bustos, Pa┬ľacocha.