B. Bergmann 97843

Caespitose palm forming a very dense cluster of about 50 stems, to 4 m tall. Collected stem 2.6 m long, diam. 3.5 cm; internodes with black spines to 3 cm long. Leaves 5, distributed over 95 cm; sheath 50 cm long; petiole 50 cm long; rachis 97 cm long; pinnae 26 per side, on the basal half of the rachis in groups of 2 seperated by 17 cm from-7 seperated by 18 cm from-3 seperated by 5 cm from the apical 14 pinnae which are more or less fregularly distributed, the basal pinnae inserted in different planes, the apical pinnae in one plane. Inflorescence interfoliar; peduncle 18.5 cm long; bract 34 cm long; rachis 7 cm long; rachillae 16. NV. Chonchilla.