H. Balslev 60671

See enclosed note. Neotype of Dictyocaryum superbum Burret, Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 15: 29. 1940. Designated by A. Henderson Fl. Neotropica (holoneotype NY; isoneotypes, AAU, QCA). Stem solitary, slightly ventricose, 8 m tall, 40 cm diam, grey. Trunk continuous to ground level, most apparent in young trees. Stilt-roots brown at first, becoming black, very close together and almost vertical, with projections near top. Stilt-roots c. 5 cm thick, longitudinally ridged, with brown flaky patches. Leaves 4-5; crown shaft 2-2.5 m, grey-green. Infructescence at 45¡ angle to crown shaft; peduncle 70 cm long, 34 cm wide at join, with 8 bract scars, narrowing to 6 cm wide at middle; rachis 120 cm, round; rachillae c. 100, lower ones 4 cm wide, 1 cm thick, callose swelling at base, 18 cm sterile part, 3-4 branched at base, simple at top, 30-60 cm long fertile section. Immature fruits green. Leaf collected from separate, immature specimen. Petiole 40 cm long, round, green, 6 cm diam. Rachis 505 cm long, rounded below, ridged above, with 44 pinnae per side, divided into (from base): 2-4-6-7-7-7-8- 7-7-6-7-7-7-6-8-7-8-6-7-7-6-7-6-6-5-6-6-5-5-5-5-5-4-5-4-4-3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 segments, pinnae inserted on callose swelling at 45¡ to axis of rachis, largest segment fused proximally to rachis, and then erect and curved. Other segments in descending series so that distal one hangs down, and plane of segments is horizontal. Duplicates: AAU, NY, QCA, QCNE. Nom. vern.: Palma real