Aluminium Rattan Garden Furniture Design Ideas

Design ideas for the summer

As we come up to summer, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the best from your garden space, however limited it may be! Even in a small space you can really make the most of it by adding some well placed pieces of decking, dividing walls, and obviously the odd palm tree!

To get the look and feel of your garden right, it’s best to first decide on how you want to use your garden, as well as your personal tastes, whether that’s a classical or more modern looking feel.

Some will prefer the cottage garden style stonework as shown in the image above, with iron tables and chairs, and a lovely contrasting stainless steel bbq. Others may prefer a modern garden area with clean cut lines, paving and gravel separations, and tall but minimal trees with potted plants scattered around.

Rattan Garden Furniture – Aluminium Frame?

rattan garden furniture grey sofa set

Garden Centre Shopping say that all rattan garden furniture should have an aluminium frame, to prevent rust from eroding the strength of the furniture. This is applicable to all styles, including rattan sofas, rattan chairs, and rattan dining sets. They also recommend UV stabilizing the synthetic strands, to stop it from unduly fading or rotting when left outside in the sun.

How can you incorporate rattan into your garden design?

Defined lines in your garden space

As you can see above, the clean, varnished line contrasts nicely with the lawn edge, and adding a border close to the house wall stops it looking too industrial. You can also admire their two toned patio doors, which are a really interesting touch!

The right side of the image is a much more modern for the United Kingdom, almost a foreign continental style garden, with lots of open brickwork, and a pergola overlooking a wide expansive seating area. The garden sofa has extra thick cushions, which I personally think is essential for really comfy garden furniture.


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