How New Eco-Friendly Garden Benches Help Plants and Consumers in the UK

Here at Palm Base we’re always on the lookout for interesting articles around gardening and the UK in general, and this expertly put point about eco friendly garden benches has really caught our eye.

Why Choose Recycled Furniture? Eco Friendly Mindset

For design fanatics fretted about forests being axed for furnishings, this could come as a bit of a surprise: buying a table constructed from timber instead of steel or plastic could dramatically aid reduce carbon emissions, inning accordance with a U.N. agency.

Furniture, floorings and also doors constructed out of wood require much less power to produce compared to aluminium or plastic, and on top of that timber continuouslies keep carbon for years, the U.N. Food as well as Farming Company (FAO) stated.

Carbon kept by wood items offsets nearly all of the greenhouse gas discharges associated with their production, FAO stated in a record released this week. There are also issues with bin recycling, more info here:

“It might be counter-intuitive (to make use of wood) due to the fact that if timber originates from unlawful logging or reckless logging you will be destructive ecosystems and also environments,” Rene Castro-Salazar, FAO aide director-general for forestry, said.

“But if you are able to create fire wood, a table or construction materials from sustainable resources, you’re … changing CO2 extreme items for better ones,” he told the Thomson Reuters Structure.

“If (timber) is removed in a lasting method then you can do it permanently,” he said on Wednesday.

Forests play a vital duty in storing carbon emissions in fallen leaves, branches as well as dirt. At the same time, deforestation and forest destruction make up as much as 12 percent of global greenhouse gas exhausts, FAO said.

Materials such as concrete, plastic or aluminium, need a great deal of power from fossil fuels to generate. Even reusing plastic is not as eco-friendly as some people might think.

“When you are recycling plastic you utilize excessive energy,” claimed Nadege Nzoyem, Central Africa manager of the conservation non-profit Jungle Alliance.

“Wood will certainly become natural product if you simply leave it outside,” she stated by phone from Cameroon on Thursday.

FAO approximates that utilizing recycled wood in construction then burning it as gas can lead to a reduction in carbon emissions by as much as 135 million tonnes a year, which is more than Belgium’s overall carbon emissions yearly.

Castro-Salazar claimed that of the main obstacles in promoting making use of wood is to make certain that wood items, much like other products, originated from lasting resources.

“You can have the most attractive footwear in the world yet if you don’t inspect and they are created with forced or child work after that you’re damaging the society as well as the people,” he claimed.

“You must make sure that the brand name you’re acquiring is behaving properly in terms of the social as well as work conditions,” he added.

How Garden Benches are Changing with the Help of Garden Centre Shopping

The UK based garden furniture company called Garden Centre Shopping are aiming to make all of their garden furniture recycled or at least responsibly sourced. They have gone one step further, and reduced all wood furniture to exchange it for a composite type of garden furniture called Winawood, which looks and feels like wood but doesn’t degrade over time when left outside.

The main issue with the wood supply from companies such as Argos, Tesco, Ikea and others, are that they use up the earths natural supply of wood, and encourage deforestation by the use of wood furniture for outdoor and indoor use. The video below talks more about this type of furniture:

“As the Winawood range has become even more popular this year, and we’ve worked with the manufacturers to provide a whole host of new colours for our customers. Offering this wide choice has allowed more people to fit this furniture into their garden, where the previous colours may not have fit perfectly.”

The full announcement was found on the Garden Centre Shopping blog here:

You can read some more news on this article here:

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