H. Balslev 62054

Cespitose, stem to 2 m tall, 8 m diam, green, smooth, internodes ca. 10, spreading. Sheath ca. 8 cm long, open to the base in outer leaves, closed in inner leaves, petiole ca. 12 cm long, rounded below, flat above with sharp margins, brown furfuraceous in young leaves. Rachis 32 cm long, rounded below, ridged above, brown furfuraceous in young leaves, smooth above. Pinnae 3 per side, separated by ca. 5 cm long rachis sections, opposite, sigmoid, long acuminate, with 6-12 primary veins, basal pinnae 22 x 4.5 cm, midlle pinnae 26 x 6 cm, upper pinnae 27 x 8 cm. Inflorescence infrafoliar, horizontal, branched, branches green at first, turning deep red. Peduncle 9 cm long, rounded, horizontal, prophyll and bract caducous. Rachis 5 cm long. Rachillae ca. 7, 12-15 cm long, simple or once branched. Fruits globular, green at fist, becoming black, ca. 5 mm diam. Prophyll 6 cm long, rounded apically in bud. Siona: “„u-quan-nŽ” (Froilan).