H. Balslev 62059

Cespitose, stems 5. Stem up to 5 m tall, 2.5 cm diam. in the center, nodes 10 cm apart at the base, 5 cm apart at the apex green, smooth, conspicuously ringed. Leaves 7, inserted along the upper 30 cm of the stem. Sheath 30 cm long, closed green, smooth. Petiole 38 cm, green, smooth, rounded below, flat above wlth distinct but not sharp margins. Rachis 84 cm long, rounded below, ridged above. Pinnae 5 – 6 per side, unequally wide with 1 – 10 primary veins, basal plnna 49 x 8 cm (7-veins), middle pinna 31 x 1.5 cm (l-vein), apical pinna 39 x 9 cm (10-veined). Inflorescence infrafoliar, at anthesis at 45ยก angle to the stem. Peduncle 5 cm long, rounded below, flat above, 1.5 cm wide at base, 1 cm wide at apex, with two bract scars, green. Rachis 10 cm long, green. Rachillae 27, bulbous at the base, emerging in all directions from rachis, 25 20 cm long, green; becoming red in fruits. Flowers yellowish. Different from No. 62069 according to Victoriano Criollo. Siona: De-de Uses: No uses. (Victoriano Criollo)