H. Balslev 62064

Solitary, stem to 4 m tall, erect or procumbent and ascending, 4 cm diam., nodes 1 cm apart, brown irregularly ringed. Leaves 17, inserted in a dense rosette, erect and spreading. Sheath and petiole not distinct, 30 cm long together, open to the base, rounded below, flat above, margin blunt, densely brown tomentose below at first. Blade entire or slightly splitting with age, bifid; rachis 112 – 140 cm long, densely brown tomentose below at first, rounded below, green, smooth and ridged above, blade gradually tapering to the petiole, 35 – 40 cm wide, bifid at apex with acuminate lobes to 36 cm long. Inflorescence interfoliar, erect. Peduncle 28 cm long, flattened, green where exposed. Prophyll 13 cm long, 3.5 cm wide. Peduncular bract inserted near the base of the peduncle, 20 cm long, persistent. Rachis absent, or 4 cm long. Rachillae 2 – 4, 25 cm long, 1 cm thick, green. Staminate anthesis beginning at 9 AM, flowers white with liquorice odor. Siona: An-hÂ’-da-du (Victoriano Criollo) Uses: For thatching houses. Fruits not eaten by any animal.