H. Balslev 62068

Cespitose . Stem 3 m tall , 2 cm diam ., internodes 5 cm long with ring of fine to cm long spines just below the nodes. Leaves 7, erect at base, spreading at blades. Sheath 36 cm long, below rounded, green with up to 3 cm long black spines, margin fibrous, above brown, smooth. Petiole 33 cm long, densely spiny at base, almost smooth below blade, terete. Rachis 99 cm long, green, rounded below, not spiny (with one spine), ridged above. Pinnae 24 per side, solitary or in groups of 2 – 5, arranged more or less in one plane but leaving the rachis at different angles. Basal pinna 36 x 1. 5 cm, middle pinna 33 x 3 . 5 cm, apical pinna 20 x 2 cm, all pinnae with small spines on margin, all pinna equally wide. lnfructescence interfoliar, base erect, pendulous at top. Peduncle 22 cm long, flattened, green where exposed, slightly spiny. Prophyll 17 cm long, 2 cm wide; peduncular bract inserted 6 cm from the base of the peduncle, sheathing the peduncle for 9 cm, then split open to 2.5 cm wide, total length 35 cm, outside with fine brown spines to 1 cm long . Rachis 3.5 cm long, smooth green. Rachillae 6, to 12 cm long. Fruits ovoid, rostrate, purple when ripe, 2 x 1.5 cm. Siona: Huati-w’. Uses: Stem scraped for stuffing of cartridges.