A. Barfod 60004

Solitary tree, 8 m tall. DBH: 7 cm. Stem smooth, light brown. Leafscars unequally dispersed. Distance between them 3-5 cm. Leaves 10, ovoid in outline. Petiole 30 cm, red-tinged lightbrown, leafbase sheathing. No. of pinnae 25. Leaves bifid apex. Insertion on rachis reduplicate. Inflorescence infrafoliar, borne 30 cm below the lowermost leave. Prophyll and bract deciduous, 2 scars seen. Peduncle 20 cm, greenish filted. Total length of inflorescence 80 cm. Inflorescence paniculate with 2. order branches spicate. Uses: Leaves sometimes used for package material. [Photos avaible at AAU: b/w 1) leaf, 2) inflorescence.]