B. Bergmann 62131

Palmtree in group of 3, one with an infructesce, the other 2 inmature. Hight of tallest palm 8 m. Leafbase persistend, the stem thus not visibel. DBH 59 cm. Leafsheat 140 cm long, crosssection convex-strait, longest diam. at base 30 cm. Margin splitting up in a 35 cm broad brown fibrous mass consisting of fibres 0,3 cm in diam. pointing towards the apex and slightly thinner ones pointing towards the base. Rachis 720 cm, adaxial side and the margins green, abaxial side green with brown pubescence. Adaxial side with a flattend ridge on the baselmost 4,30 m, with a ridge on the middle the baselmost 3 m. The apical part with a sharp midedge. baselmost 1/3 of the leaf is turning 90¡ making the apical part vertical. No¡ of pinnae 2×140+1, inserted in on plane, regurlary dostributed, but with minor displacements making pinnae alternated in some areas, opposite in others. Largest pinnae 130×2,6 cm, adaxially green, glabourus with a yellow mid rib abaxially grey-dewed and with brown pubescense. No of infructescence 3, no of maleinflorescence 3 old + 1 bud infructescence; (nearly mature fruits). Prophyl not found, 1 sheating bract; 224 cm long, largest round 37 cm, splitting up abaxially, brown, woody with ??????????; The apicalmost 35 cm making a pointed, flattend apex, without ????, and not splitting up. Petiole 112 cm, ovate, diam. below lowermost rachille 5,2×3,2 cm apically with 4 sterile, triangular scalelike bracts, yellow-green covered with brown pubescence. rachis 90 cm, yellow-green. No of rachillae 121 of which 69 is bearing fruits. Longest 13 cm, diam at base 2×4 cm, yellow-green subtendet by a scale-like brown bract. No of fruits pr. rachillae 1, 8 rachillae with 2. Fruit inserted 5 cm above the base of the rachillae, the apicalmost 5 cm of rachillae with scars from male flowers. The apicalmost 20 rachillae very short and without male flowers. Rachis at the apex with a aperently pure male-rachillae, 20 cm long, curled. Fruits, inmature, fig-shabed 8,7×6,7 cm with a pointed apex, orange with brown pubescence. Apex with white pubescence (filtation). Fruits very fibrous with 3 kernels. Endospem liquid. Male inflorescence; prophyl not found. 1 sheating bracht 160 cm long, 28 cm in ?????, as female. Peduncle 45 cm long, ovate with 5 sterile, scale-like brachts. Diam below lowermost rachillae 4,7×2,7 cm, light yellow with brown pubescence. Rachis 50 cm long, yellow to creamy white. No of rachillae 143, longest rachillae 22 cm, the apical most 18 cm. Flowers regurlary distributed. No of stamens 6, 0,5 cm long white. No of tepals 3, 1,5 cm long, fleshy, yellow. Total weight of infructescence (121 fruits) ca 23 kg. According to Joaquin Bustos is the leafs used for teaching, durable from 5 – 15 years, depending on how many leafs used. Mature kernels are rich in oils and vitamins, apriciated young fruits coco-like. Quichua: Shapaja, Castillano: Conambo.