B. Bergmann 97800

Caespitose palm with 30 stems. Palm to 4 m tall. Collected stem 190 cm long, 3.5 cm in diamt internodes 12 cm long, spiny especially just below the nodes, spines black to 9.5 cm long. Leaves 6, inserted over 92 cm; sheath 53 cm long, densely armed with brown, to 7 cm long spines; petiole 22 cm long with brown spines to 8 cm long; rachis 145 cm long, the lowermost 35 cm with scattered, brown spines to 6 cm long; pinnae 32 per side, inserted regularly and in one plane, basal pinna 35 x 3.5 cm, middle pinna 48 x 4 cm, apical pinna 24 x 4 cm. Infructescence 1-2 per stem, infrafoliar; prophyll 26 cm long, spineless; bract 42 cm long, covered by dark-brown spines, to 2 cm long; peduncle 21 cm long, covered by soft, dark-brown spines; rachis 4.5 cm long; rachillae 13-18, basal rachilla 12 cm long, apical rachilla 8 cm long; Fruits green to dark lilac. N.V. Chonta Brava. The soft/liquid endosperm is eaten as a snack.