B. Bergmann 97802

Caespitose palm with 5 stems. Collected stem 410 cm long, diam 2.5 cm; internodes 6 cm long spiny, especially just below the nodes, spines black, slightly flattened, to 6.5 cm long. Leaves 4+1, inserted over 60 cm; sheath 40 cm long with brown spines to 3 cm long; petiole 756 cm long, lowermost half spiny, spines brown, flattened, to 4 cm long; rachis 115 cm long; pinnae 25 per side, distributed regularly and in one plane. Infructescence interfoliar to infrafoliar; prophyll 20 cm long, spineless; peduncle 20 cm long, covered by soft, dark-brown spines; rachis 3 cm long, rachillae 11, basal rachilla 10 cm long, apical rachilla 9 m long. Fruits lilac. N.V. Shibu. Fruits eaten. Stem used as pole while sailingcanoe according to Sr. Abra Tanchima from Centro Chapi- Tung (Quichua).