H.B. Pedersen 104002

Caespitose palm tree in cluster of tree stems (+ two that was recently cut). Stem 6.10 m. tall, heavily armed with black flattened to 9 cm. long spines, pointing downwards. The spines were concentrated in the uppermost part of each internode. DBH: 6 cm. Internodes at BH: 7 cm. Nodes at BH: 0.9 cm. Steam diameter below lowermost leaf: 6.0 cm, Internodes 1.5 cm, nodes 1 cm. No. of leaves 10 + spearleaf. The leaves encircling the base for about 5 cm. Leafsheat 65 cm long, densely covered with black flattened to 4 cm long spines. Petiole 6.5 cm.. Rachis 122 cm, densely covered with black spines. No. of pinnae 2 X 60, inserted in different angels. Pinnae with small to 0.5 cm long spines on the margins and to 4 cm long on the abaxial midtnerve. Pinnae premorse, to 40 cm long and 5 cm wide. Inflorescences: No. of inflorescences: 4, + two buds. Prophyl 37 cm long, inserted at the base of the petiole, splitting up irregularly for the uppermost 14 cm. First sheathing bract inserted 3 cm above the prophyl, 93 cm long, splitting up for the uppermost 71 cm. Second sheathing bract inserted 9 cm above the prophyl. No. of rachillae ca. 90. Longest rachillae (lowermost) 34 cm long. Fruits and flowerbuds preserved in alcohol. NV: Corozo. The fruits are eaten locally. org. no. AAU 67302 AAU.