H.B. Pedersen 104015

Solitary acaulescent palm, Female individual. No. of leaves: 9 + one juvenile. Leaves erect. Margins of leafsheats splitting up in a mess of hairlike fibers. Petiole + leafsheat: 327 cm, petiole circular in crossection, diameter below basel pinnae: 1.9 cm. Rachis 244 cm long. No. of pinnae: 2 x 39. Regularly distributed and inserted in one plane. Basel pinnae: 57 x 0.4 cm, middle pinnae: 75 x 5 cm. Apical 23 x 0.7 cm. One infructescence inserted at least 30 cm. below ground. Peduncle at least 50 cm. long. No. of fruits: 4. N.V. T‘te seva (Siona). AAU, QCA, QCNE + 2 dubl. org. no. AAU 67315