H.B. Pedersen 104021

Caespitose palm with seven stems. Collected stem 27o cm tall. Diameter below crownshaft: 1.7 cm. Nodes 4.5 cm long, green. Leafsheat 32 cm long, encircling the stem for 28 cm, forming a crownshaft. No. of leaves: 8 + one juvenile. Petiole 38 cm long. Rachis 95 cm. No. of pinnae 2 x 18, regularly distributed and inserted in one plane. Basel pinnae 48 x 4.3 cm, Mid pinnae 43 x 22 cm, apical pinnae 33 x 5.6 cm. One flowerbud inserted at first node below crownshaft and one inflorescence inserted in second node below crownshaft. Infl: Peduncle 6 cm long. Prophyl and peduncular bract (one) deciduous. Rachis 6.5 cm long. No. of rachillae 22. N.V. Dedewek— (Siona). Acc. to Victoriano the heart of the palm is chewed for dental care. AAU, QCA, QCNE + 3 dubl. org. no. AAU 67321