H.B. Pedersen 97646

Caespitose palm forming a very dense cluster of five to 1 m tall stems. All parts heavily armed with spines. Leaves: petiole + leafsheath 230 cm, rachis 600 cm, pinna very grey on the abaxial side and green on the adaxial, numbering 113 on one side. One erect interfoliar inflorescence and one erect interfoliar infructescence. Inflorescence creamy yellow, rachis 45 cm long, one female flower at the base of each rachillae. Infructescence with large peduncular bract attached 50 cm above the base of the peduncle, peduncle 110 cm long with the part above the bract armed with spines, rachis 28 cm long (apical part dead), the fruits are brown and spiny and are sessile on the very basal part of the rachillae, most male flowers lost, the infructescence is dense and “pineapple-like”, 14 cm in diameter. Vernacular name: Ramus (Quichua/espa┬ľol), Awan (Shuar). Germinating seeds edible when the two first leaves have reached 30 cm. Young fluid/jelly-like endosperm is edible. Leaves are used in processions during easter. Informant: Mercedes Mamallacta (Quichua).