F. Skov 64715

Solitary. Stem 1 m, 5 cm diam., spiny, upper half covered with old leafsheaths; internodes 7 cm. Leaves 8; sheath 36 cm, open almost to base, densely covered with black spines to 4 cm; petiole 34 cm, spiny; rachis 110 cm; pinnae 15 per side, inserted in pairs, the upper of a pair longer and narrower than the lower, basal pinnae 14 x 6 cm, middle pinnae (upper of a pair) 26 x 12 cm, apical pinnae 20 x 5 cm. Inflorescence interfoliar; prophyll 38 cm, 2.5 cm wide, wilted; peduncular bract completely wilted; peduncle 130 cm, 1 cm thick, densely covered with thin spines to 3 cm; rachis 34 cm; rachillae 7, appressed to rachis, chartaceous, wilted; fruits aborted. Local name “chontilla”, according to local informant. Uses none. Dupl 3: AAU, QCA, QCNE.