Technical SEO and the Difficulties in Implementation on

The main problems with a technical SEO audit such as this, is that you can end up going down a rabbit hole. With large websites, there can be so many problems, going down to a page-by-page level, that there is potential to follow a black hole and create an audit checklist that’s longer than the average PHD!

So the best way to go about it is to look for your quick wins, and calculate a priority score using a GANT chart, which can then be used to prioritise your site changes based upon the return you will get.

It can also be useful to calculate the return on investment for a change, which can enable the client to visualise where they are spending their time.

With Palmbase, the main issues involved the duplication of title tags, meta descriptions, and the lack of markup. These all influence click through rate, which is an important ranking factor as we move through 2016 and beyond. The next was the site design, as the previous large header moved the page content almost below the fold, which really did nothing for the user, and resulted in a higher bounce rate. Fixing this, allowing the main title to be shown further up the screen seriously improved their SEO rankings.

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